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How long does Dapoxetine last?

As you probably already know, Dapoxetine is a brand new medication, the first one ever, to be approved for premature ejaculation condition that affects a number of men all over the globe, in fact affecting more men than erectile dysfunction. It is therefore a very exciting new medication and there are still many things that we would like to know, due to the fact that it is still waiting for its approval in the UK and the USA, even though it has already been approved in a number of countries from the EU.

How long does Dapoxetine last?One of the most important questions is how long does Dapoxetine last. It is one of the most important aspects of the ED drugs and it is only logical that this question is one of the most important ones when Dapoxetine is in question as well. The time it takes for Dapoxetine to take effect is somewhere between an hour and 3 hours, depending on the response of the individual and the way Dapoxetine is absorbed and metabolized. This was one of the most important concerns when Dapoxetine was being developed. Namely, other medications from its class take very long to work and it took substantial efforts to make Dapoxetine take effect quickly.

The period of time during which the beneficial effects of Dapoxetine can be felt is anywhere between 4, 5 hours and 24. Namely, majority of men has reported that the beneficial effects start to subside after four to six hours, but there are also those who claim that  they have experienced beneficial effects of Dapoxetine after as long as 24 hours.

A very important thing to remember is that taking more of the medication will not increase the duration of its effects and it can only lead to serious consequences to your health.

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